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For all of the websites made by Blue Whale Web Design, we offer hosting through a 3rd party company.


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Thanks for your interest in Blue Whale Web Design. The most likely reason that you are reading this right now is that you are looking for a new website. As you have found out in your website search, there are many different ways to build a website, such as through web builders, CMS programs, or through other developers. Which one should you choose? Even the simplest web builders require some idea of how a website should be designed. Additionally, some private web developers can cost a lot of money for websites designed through opensource online web builders. I believe that you should get a website that is unique to your needs. For this reason, many of my websites are built from scratch using HTML and CSS. This allows your website to load faster and is more secure. Thanks to my degree in Information Systems, I can provide great looking websites that can be customized to your needs. Once again, thanks for your interest.
Micah Perry, Web Designer